1st Post – Why should I?

Well, why should I NOT?  Ha, nothing better than answering a question with a question.  I am starting to write more and more, and am trying to get some thing published, anything. This blog will give me the structured space to write whatever is on my mind at any particular time.

Trying to think of topics to write about has been the most difficult thing about writing.  I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I have plenty of experience writing in detail about what is happening in my life, or something of note that happened the other day, but there;s no point to starting a blog to simply tell the world what I’ve been up to… I can join Facebook for that.  So for my benefit as much as anyone else’s I am going to list some of the general topics I plan on writing about here at Firecat Central.  I am all inspired and stuff right now so I want to get these ideas out so I can refer to them later.

family / dad / kids stuff 

travel                                 sports

music                                cooking

observations on how people act

politics                              “the man”

spirituality                          dog ownership

home owner issues             movies

I’m excited.  Let’s get it on!!


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