Come together, RIGHT NOW!!!

Something’s been bothering me.  I thought that right when I started blogging, I would be able to eloquently state how I feel about the world in a unique way.  I’m stuck.  I am bothered about a ton of the same stuff “everyone” else writes about on their blogs.  There is too much money in politics.  This recipe will make preparing insert favorite dish much easier.  Corporations have way too much influence on our daily lives.  Simplifying your life will help you feel better.  People just need to unplug, man, get back to what life is like really about, and stuff.

Anyone who has a friend on Facebook with a blog or spends any amount of time on Reddit has heard all this stuff before.  How can this be said any differently?  With so many media options, it’s easy to simply surround yourself with one point of view, or one style of writing, ignoring anything that isn’t of interest.  Is this the new shared experience?  Is having no shared experience a shared experience in and of itself?  Is being frustrated with constant connectivity something that is beginning to unite us?

Ah ha!  I have a uniting theme!! Any time I am in a political conversation that lasts more than 10 minutes, I mean ANY, there is undoubtedly mention and agreement about how disgusting and corrupt and stoopidly stoopid the amount of money thrown around is.  While our broken political system is racking up debt and filling the 24/7 media barrage with noise, it is also becoming a rallying point for most level headed people on both sides of the aisle.  The constant media barrage has also created other points of interest.   I have found agreement on the ineptitude of politicians in general, (other) people are narcissistic and clueless about others because while they are telling everyone they know what they’re cooking for dinner they fail to look at the road and see the dad running with his two girls and the double stroller in the crosswalk and almost run him over and look up and say “sorry” and go right back to typing, bias in the media (which way is up for debate) , farmer’s markets are cool, and most recently, the replacement refs (insert joke here).  I might be making this up or in my own little world, but I feel that our shared experiences now are all negative in tone.  I have no idea what to say or do or plan or anything, but I wish this was not the case.  I know blogging about how people should just see things my way or eat the food I eat or vote the way I vote won’t really change anyone’s outlook, but it feels good to get it off my chest.  If only everyone else could do it as level headedly as me.

Next week: 8 tips on how to write a level-headed blog post that brings people together.  If you miss it, you’re a bad person and probably a terrible writer and/or reader


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