Tape Delayed Tweets

Ok, because the whole twitter thing is just like blowing up and stuff, I thought it would be a good idea to live tweet from the hurricane here in Concord.  Little did I know we were going to lose power so quickly.  Luckily I saved all of the tweets, and have them on tape-delay tweet for you all now.

  • Got my PB&J ready waiting to see if Sandy is tougher than Irene.
  • All these reports don’t sound too scary for NH.  #goodluckjerseyshore
  • 1st limb down.  Now it’s a party!!
  • Poll question:  Who wins 1 on 1 – Ditka vs a hurricane?  #bearsbearspolishsah-sidgebears
  • Oh snap! 4:00 and powers out! #sowhythe”eff”domostoftheneighborsstillhaveit
  • Jon Sadowski is at Rite Aid.  #candles!
  • Getting dark. Time for glow sticks.
  • Raver baby!
  • Parenting tip of the night: candles + toddlers= not good #RepublicanPrimarydebate
  • Waiting for something else to happen out there, but only see windy rain and darkness.
  • Having no electricity and my entire family asleep has really given me a moment to pause and appreciate the simpler things in life, like tweeting by candle light, and has me really thinking whether all this connectivity is worth the energy when civilizations have lived for like hundreds of years without facebook or twitter.  #crackedthecodetoallowmytweets1500charactersinsteadof150bbaaaaalllllliiinnnn!!
  • AAAAHHHHH!!!!! The gorillas!! Someone call 91



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