We have our ads back!!!

The elections are finally over, and that means NO MORE ADS!!!!  We can finally get back to seeing large groups of hipply dressed dudes and dudettes rock out on the tops of buildings, on the beach, even at the mall, if we only just by the right product.  So I thought it would be nice to just watch some classic commercials to celebrate the end of attack ad season.

Note:  Because I’m kinda new to this like blogging thing, I couldn’t figure out how to get all the videos on one post, so each one has it’s own post.  Now that I write it, I guess it won’t really affect your viewing pleasure at all, but if anyone knows how to do it, let me know through the comment section or Facebook, or email, or phone.

Also:  Just a reminder to click through the link that says “AMAZON HOMEPAGE” on the left if you are buying something on Amazon.com.  It only takes 5 extra seconds of your time, and would help us out here at Firecat Central.  Thanks.


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