This year I will….


Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope all the celebrating and stuff treated everyone well.  I was thinking of what to write about this week, and was stuck.  Then I came across this amazing blog post from this incredibly amazing, hunky, smart, amazing blogger and inspiration struck!!  This post was written around Thanksgiving and was a list of things that he will be thankful for in the future, like future inventions and stuff (at least I think it was a “he” but I’m really not sure who this awesome writer is).  So I said, “Ah ha! For my first post of the New Year, I will look back.  (see what I did there, the other article was looking to the future, but I am going to write about the past right now.  I just did the opposite of the other article.  People liked that one, so a similar one is bound to be good too, right?    Well I guess the more I continue this explanation, the more obvious it is that I’m just recycling ideas.  Ok, I’m going to get back on track right…  So what I did was look at New Year’s resolutions I made in the past, and listed them in no particular order.  Below the list is a year bank of the years that the resolutions were made, and you, the reader, can see if you can correctly match the year with the resolution.  To make things a little easier, I’ll let you all know I was born in 1977, so you can try to figure out how old I was when I made each one and find the corresponding year.  So without further ado,

This year, I resolve to:

1)      look in the rearview mirror, and maybe even turn and look with my own two eyes when backing out of the driveway early on a Saturday morning on my way to work at HQ Warehouse.

2)      stop carving my name or initials into every piece of wooden furniture in the house.

3)      limit the amount of youtube clips I post on my blog, and to stop doing lists that require me to make 6 different entries so people see each one separately on their Facebook screen.

4)      resist the urge to pee between the bed and the wall before going to sleep.  I now know that my pee does not magically vanish overnight.

5)      not let my children play with giant carving knives.

6)      never pull giant clumps of my brother’s hair out again.

7)      remember the exact date of my father’s birthday and my parents’ anniversary.

8)      never grow mutton chop sideburns again.

And the years:  2002       1982       1994       2012       1979       1996       2013       1985

Put your name and date on the top of the paper, number down the side 1-8 and email me your answers.  And no talking while the exam is handed out.

Two more features for the New Year:

1)      The Amazon Item of the Month:  I am going to be posting ads for the most random items I can find on Amazon.  I know of a couple of ones that have famously funny comments, so keep your eye open for that.

2)      Instead of doing song lists as a post (because I can’t post more than one video per post without buying the premium package, which just isn’t happening), some months will have a themed “Monday Song.”  The theme will be explained on the first Monday of the month.

And just a reminder, if you click through the link on the left to get to, Firecat Central gets a couple of sheckles, so don’t be shy. 

Thanks again for reading everyone!


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