Thoughts About Food and Cooking

In the last couple of years, I have gotten really into cooking.  It has become a very enjoyable hobby, or dare I say passion, and a great way to be creative and cheap at the same time.  I have been wracking my brain on how to work my interest in cooking into this blog without writing posts like, “Homemade organic shade grown mango mint chutney is a nutritious and fun treat for the whole family,” and since all the recipes I have come to master are taken from somewhere else, I don’t want to write, “Hey, check this recipe out that I found somewhere and made it exactly how it says,” cause that’s not interesting reading either.  So what I have decided to do was just put some random thoughts down, things I have learned as I look more and more into cooking with garden / farmer’s market items, experiment with spices, and develop a baked goods repertoire.  So here are some random thoughts in no particular order.

Anyone who likes bread should read this article and do what it says.  I don’t understand why more people don’t, but it is your own loss if you ignore it.  I SWEAR the recipe listed here is as easy as it sounds.  I have been making artisan bread for the last three or four years, and it is just so freakin delicious and so freaking easy.  So read this and do it!!  I’m sorry for you if you don’t.

Here’s a link to a great talk about the essence of bread and life, and how they’re intertwined.  I found it wicked interesting.  I would not argue with anyone who did not.

I love experimenting with Indian spices.  The sharp spices can change bland to ……damn, I was try to think of a word for ‘great’ that rhymed with ‘bland’ to no avail… Adding any combination of curry, coriander, turmeric, and cumin to certain grains (lentils, rice, couscous, etc.) can help make cheap meals and side dishes, and a good way to mask foods that are no longer totally ripe but not yet totally spoiled.  Here’s a go to for us.

Pictures are sometimes important when getting a new recipe off a food blog, just to make sure I’m off on the right foot, or my finished product looks the way it was intended.  What I love is pictures posted before the cooking starts.  It usually consists of cups of flour, tea spoons, uncracked eggs, and milk.  I always crack myself thinking, “Good golly I would have been lost without that picture.  I totally forgot what milk in a cup looked like.”  I know that sounds snobby, but I think the people who do this could probably save a step and skip this picture.  This pic is the most extreme example of what I’m talking about.


I love making my own pizza, something I can remember mocking and dismissing a couple of years ago.  Inspiration for this blog post hit last week when I needed out the dough quickly and evenly in the pan.  I thought back to the first couple times I tried making my own dough, and how I would have shit stuck to my fingers, the dog, and the counter, and in the pan, there would be sections of the pie with big balls of dough, and others with little to no dough around it.  I remembered that as I slid my good looking pie in the oven and thought, “It’s funny what a little practice and stick-to-it-ive-ness can accomplish.”  Then I got all reflective on life and stuff, thinking, “Isn’t that what everything’s about, man.  Trying something new, not getting it right the first, second, or third time, but sticking with it until you get it right, that’s the stuff.”  Then I got on a role, and thought about how tastes from different parts of the world (curry, pizza, tacos, regional BBQ sauces) work together to help make life just a little more interesting and a little spicier; how in food and in life in general it’s hard not to overdo it when you’ve found something that suits your tastes perfectly; and how I’m burning this pizza cause the timer’s been going off and I’m lost in thought.

So that’s my first post about food.  Maybe I’ll try some new and exciting recipe no one’s ever tried before and have a full photo collage for next week.  How does salmon encrusted spaghetti with a ketchup and hollandaise glaze served over roasted pineapple tofurkey sound?

Oh yeah, you definitely want to click on the “Amazon Item of the Month” and read the reviews.  Hilarious!!!  And while you’re there, do some shopping so Firecat Central can get some greenbacks.


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