Monday Song #8

I needed to post this song because I have been on a huge Beck kick lately. Its started when I heard THIS song playing on the PA system at Sears in the Concord Mall. I was so glad to hear music that was, not only tolerable, but actually enjoyable!! I had to stop and offer a couple of employees my appreciation. The music selector for Sears must have read my Future Thanksgiving post.
I just decided 30 seconds ago that February will be Beck month, so there you go. Giving it a little more thought, Beck is in very rare company. He and the Beastie Boys are the only two artists whose careers I have followed in there entirety. They both hit it big in my formative years and have been turning out stuff for over twenty years, and I have loved pretty much every song from both camps.
One last note: This video is so bizarre! My first time seeing it was 5 minutes before writing this post, and I laughed, felt uncomfortable, and was hypnotized all in about three minutes.


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