Prompt and Ditched

The website has a weekly writing prompt.  I occasionally check them, have saved a few and decided to post one up here this week.  Below is the prompt, followed by my response.


You’ve just been to the worst concert of your life. Afterward, you head to a bar with friends and start drowning your disgust. Moments later, the musician (or musicians) shows up. You decide to confront the musician about the lousy performance and ask for your money back. The musician suggests a different approach to repaying you. Write what happens.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) 


So Mike Jerome turns from the bar towards me and is holding two shots of tequila and offers me one.  “Sorry bro-hamm, we’re still working out the kinks.  Wish you could have heard us in Tuscaloosa, much different than tonight.” The shot burned down my throat, and seemed to ease my rage a little.  Hearing one of the members of the group involved in the worst display of live music I’ve ever seen admit as much was very validating.

“While we can’t refund your money, we can make you an interesting offer, and this is only for you, cause you had the guts to come over here and let me know what you thought.  None of this chicken-shit snickering behind our backs, yelling from the crowd, or twittering about hashtags and whatever else.  You had the decency to look us in the eye and give it to us straight.  So what are your plans for the rest of the evening?”

While I wanted to just go home, I told him we were just going to hang out to see if the Sox win and head home, but I could “be flexible.”

“Great.  Wait right here.”  The drummer disappeared, I ran over to let my buddies know something was up, I wasn’t sure what, but I will fill them in later.  The other two Ezerans come over, shake my hand with a knowing look that their drummer has filled them in on my tirade.  None of them say a word and walk out of the bar, and I just follow, with the intention of doing so until they tell me to leave them alone.

“Jon, we’ve been waiting the entire tour to meet a true fan to bestow this honor upon, and now the moment has arrived.  Get on the bus.  We’re going to shoot our next album cover right now.”

I was amazed there were silk sheeted beds, a live-in sushi chef, and a hot tub on the bus, and when I said so, I was told, “The ‘90’s were REALLY good to us.  We tour now because we’re bored.”

My mouth stuffed full of sushi, I get off the bus in a pretty down-trodden area of town, where I would guess a scene from the Departed was shot.  We line up in front of an old building.  I definitely hear something going on inside, muffled voices, empty glass bottles being kicked around. 

Only now does it hit me:  I am far away from my car.  With everyone milling about, I don’t see any camera equipment or anything, so I ask, “What kind of look are you going for on the cover?” and that’s when I see movement towards the bus.  “The non-asshole look!” I hear shouted from the bus entrance.  The door closes in my face and I hear Kevin Griffin’s voice shout, “Don’t mess with the EEZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!”

Alone, far from the car, rough part of town, ditched by Better Than Ezra.  Should have pushed harder for the refund.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!


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