Prince Edward County Pics

We are SO CLOSE to the warm weather!!!! That 60 degree day last week really got me in the mood, so I ditched the winter coats (the kids’ included) only to have it be back down in the 30’s!!  What I have decided to do this week is post some lovely summer pictures from last year. They were taken during my time in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  If you look at the Canadian side of Lake Ontario, there is a little peninsula to the east.  The month I spent there along with the flat farmland allowed for some great photo ops.  I didn’t feel it necessary to put a caption under every picture, I think the pics do a good job of displaying what a lovely area it is.





These are the grapes of Long Dog Winery.  I was surprised how many vineyards there were in such a small area.  





You know you’re in remote areas for a while when you get excited about the new dirt laid down for the season.




Ok, six pictures should be enough without becoming too boring, right?  Oh, alright, I’ll close it out with a cool sunset shot.



I know complaining about winter living in New England is ridiculous, but that one really warm day really messed with me.  Spring is about to explode, and I can’t wait.


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