Five Top 5’s

Two of the main tips to “good” blogging that I made the concise decision not to follow are 1) use lists to get people’s attention, and 2) invite interaction in the comment section.  Ok, so I’ve made two lists, but I think constantly doing that would get old quick, and I’ve never been one to make things easy. I never ask for comments because it seems like sort of a cop-out. I’m writing because I chose to. You are reading because you chose to. You don’t need someone harassing you to think of something clever, witty or thoughtful to say when you’re just trying to kill a couple of minutes at work (“Whaddaya think of this?! Whaddaya think of that!? Huh? Huh? Go ahead, say it, I dare ya.”) And honestly, I would feel like bad or unloved or something similar if no one left comments, but then people would tell me, “I love your blog, I just never have time to write anything. I will one of these days, though.”

This week I decided to take both ignored pieces of advice and run with them full steam ahead. Below are random lists I made up over the years. I can’t really make one or another its own post because they’re pretty self-explanatory.  I invite one and all to add their thoughts on any and all list items you strongly agree or disagree with, egregious omissions, and/or lists that would make for good conversation starters.

Without further ado:

#1) Top five foods I could eat a near endless amount of:
5) donuts
4) buffalo wings
3) pancakes
2) ice cream
1) lasagna

#2) Top five bands / musicians I don’t like but feel like I “should” which leaves me thinking that I just don’t “get it”:
5) the Beatles (I don’t NOT like them, I just don’t enjoy their music nearly as much as everyone else in the world)
4) Jeff Buckley
3) John Coltrane (except most stuff with Miles Davis)
2) Radiohead
1) Elvis Costello

#3) Top five web sites for killing time that won’t leave you hooked / addicted:

#4) Top five favorite sounding words in the Bulgarian language (spelled phonetically and accompanied by a definition):
5) na-tu-tuck – a little down the way
4) Sne-jank-a – Snow White’s name
3) strellets – shooter or Sagittarius
2) mu-neech-ko – a very little bit
1) za-kuh-chal-kuh – coat hanger

#5)Top five proudest moments of mine, that don’t involve family or career:
5) throwing a bag of McDonalds trash out of a speeding car and triumphantly watching it land in its intended trash can.
4) pulling out a stuffed parrot at the mechanical claw machine in the Northampton, MA, bowling alley. I immediately retired from attempting the claw machine again.
3) not vomiting after getting stuck on the Pirate Ship in Old Orchard Beach, ME, in 1988. The brake broke and we had to wait for the ride to naturally come to a stop after swinging for what seemed like an eternity.
2) jumping into a frigid Danube River in January in search of a wooden cross.
1) graduating from UMass in four years without ever getting arrested of failing a class


So there they are.  Feel free to argue or add to anything above, or if the spirit move you, even create a new list.

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Thanks for reading, everyone!!!


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