A Walk in the (Grave)Park

I was walking through the old cemetery near my house the other morning, and it was just perfect.  The sun was just coming up, the dew was fresh, the kids were well-behaved, so I whipped out the camera.  This morning reminded me of the many articles and blogs I’ve read about how great cemeteries are for taking pictures.  There are so many different angles and subjects that have the potential to make a picture great.  Anyway, I took some really nice pics, and on this blog I try not to do the, “Hey everyone, look what I just saw,” kind of post, but I just had to share a few pics from that morning.





I’m showing this picture because it’s one that I always take when I’m photographing nature and all it’s marvels.  I get in the zone, thinking, “This is awesome…..and that is beautiful, and look at that.  This is just great.”  Well sometimes in the moment everything looks great, but when you look at the picture afterwards, you get something like this totally deep masterpiece:





This is a random historical place.  A block away from my house lies the 14th President of the USA.  Franklin Pierce’s grave is in this old cemetery, and you would never now unless someone told you, or like me, stumbled across it.  There is no sign or “historical place” marker or anything that would tip you off that a President is buried here.



America, eff yeah!



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Rock on everybody.


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