Beware of This Web Site

I saw something the other day that I feel compelled to share with you all, especially those with kids.  I came across a website  Forgive me if I’m late to the party on this, but the games I saw on this site were shocking and it is troubling that our kids have easy access to this stuff.  I know kids can find everything from bare-knuckle street fighting to Paris Hilton’s sex tape on the web, but there is a twist to this web site, and for suspense’s sake, I will tell you what that twist is after I tell you about the two games I played.

I checked out the “Girls Game” section so I can scout out what I have to play defense against while raising my daughters.  The first game I played was called “Goodnight Kiss.”  It is simply a teenage boy and girl (dressed in a half-shirt of course) standing outside a house at night.  Clicking the mouse button causes the couple to start making out, and the boy rubs his hand up and down the girl’s back.  The object of the game is to avoid getting caught by either people walking by or the mom and dad in the house, so when you see the light go on inside, you have to let go of the mouse, and then continue as soon as the old man opens the door, closes it, and goes back in.  Sweet.  A game about making out and not getting caught.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Awesome.

The second game I played was entitled “Our World.”  This is a game that is basically a bunch of teenagers standing around a mall.  I was given a “mission” by a sassy-ily dressed young lady who stood in the corner and had the appearance of what a “popular” girl would look like (up-top pony-tailed hair, midriff showing, tons of make-up).  My mission was to change my hair, shirt, pants, or sneakers, then report back to her for a reward.  I entered one of the clothing stores to try some clothes on and thought this was a little less harmless than the sneaky make-out game I just got done with.  I was informed that in order to change my appearance, I needed to have at least 15 “gems” to buy anything, so I left the store and started looking for some.  I clicked on the atm see what happens, and found out I could buy gems using my PayPal or mobile phone account.  Great, a painless way to buy money that will buy clothes that will impress other virtual teens.  The one way to earn free gems is to watch a video, and the one I got to see was a three-minute video about BECK’S BEER’S new project involving hip artists.  Of course there’s plenty of “Tired of seeing ads? Click here for an account upgrade” sidebar, because who wants to watch ads when a click on the PayPal account will streamline the clothes buying missions.

So the making out and the shopping mission games were only on the girl’s site.  The home page of the is mainly geared towards boys.  Without clicking on anything, you will see your choice of games which include images of jacked guys with machine guns, a dinosaur with blood dripping from its mouth, and a mystical young lady dressed in tight fitting outfit and her animated boobies prominently on display, so that wouldn’t warp any youngsters mind.  I know kids discover adult things before the adults in their lives are ready to show them, but here is the shocking piece I alluded to at the beginning:

The link to both of these sites are on

While you may think your toddler is innocently playing with Dora and Boots, one click in the wrong place and he or she could be shooting a machine gun or making out with the captain of the football team.  The links are not prominently displayed, but they are there, and with touch screens being so common, it is not impossible that a 3 or 4 year old could accidentally click in a wrong place.  I posted all the links below, and I encourage parents to check these games out just so you know what is out there and think twice about giving Dora more screen time.

Here are the links:

You have to look down the bottom of the screen for the link, but it is there:


Thanks for reading, everyone!


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