5 More Top Fives

First off, thank you very much for reading this blog.  I really appreciate it.  Here is the link to my most recent post for Stay, Work, Play.


Five More Top 5’s

I have accumulated more random top 5’s to share with you.  It is exactly the same concept as the post a few weeks back.  Don’t forget to add in your own two cents in the comment section.  Dispute a list?  Have your own?  Share it!  So without further ado:

Here are my top five…….

  •  Things we should agree to just retire:

5)  Call the internet the intraweb, interweb, ultranet, or anything else like that

4)  Ads “borrowing” from the Got Milk? campaign  (got catnip?  C’mon.)

3)  Laughing at Robin Williams doing “silly” voices.  It was hilarious in 1989, though.

2)  Baby on Board!  (I saw one two days ago.)

1) Really?!  Really?!

  • Situations that are common across the world and need no translation if you see them:

5)  City drivers swearing at cabbies

4)  Making a check in the air or pretending to write on your hand as a symbol for the bill at a restaurant

3)  Pop stars urging people to either put their hands in the air and wave ‘em like they don’t actually care, or telling everyone how special THIS crowd is

2)  Old men drinking, playing cards, making fun of each other, and arguing about shit they think they’re experts on

1)  Rubbing the thumb against the index and middle finger when discussing money

  • Sandwiches:

5)  The burger I bought off a street vendor in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  Patty, cheese, ham, avocado, egg, tomato, on a toasted bun.

4)  Any grilled cheese bought after any Phish show.

3)  Kebab Sandwich from this certain stand in Istanbul, where the guy tried selling us a flying AND a swimming carpet as he was cutting the meat.  We went back for more the next day.

2)  “BS Bacon, drop the home fries!”

1)  Any Rueben, anywhere, anytime

Click on any of the band’s names in the next 2 lists to see a live performance from said band.

  • Bands I Need To See But Haven’t Yet:

5)  The Heavy

4)  Rodrigo and Gabriela

3)  Gypsy Kings / Bruce Springsteen (tie)

2)  Manu Chao

1)  The Black Keys

  • Bands I Must See Every Possible Chance I Can Get:

5)  Le Vent du Nord 

4)  Carolina Chocolate Drops 

3) North Mississippi Allstars 

2)  Taj Mahal 

1)  Phish 

Ok, I feel like this is a short post, so I’m going to put up a couple more pictures from last weekend’s Pittsfield Balloon Rally to give this post a little more umph, yuk yuk, and a little vroom vroom, if ya know what I mean.


Thanks for reading.  Don’t forget to click Amazon links to the left when buying something on that there site, sign up for the free trial of Amazon Prime, or check out firecatcentral.blogspot.com to order pictures featured here.

Keep on rocking in the free world everyone!!


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