Five More Top 5’s

I am easing back into things after paternity leave.  Here are 5 more top fives.  I hope they’re a little better than the last effort.  Let me know if this shtick is getting old.  Enjoy.


Top five most random searches made on my phone:

“Price of horse apples” ($17.99 + $8.99 shipping)

Billy Squeir Songs


Is “public relations lady” from happy Gilmore the mom of three from modern family?  (She is.)

Did Marcus Webb wear #43?  (He wore #41.)

*If you are not busy, type in random letters in a search engine and see what you get. It’s funny to see “did you mean dhg ssu?” And then thinking, “well no, but if I did mean that, what would come up?” Like I said, when you’re not busy.

Top five coincidences that are completely pointless, yet somehow satisfying:

Being in a public area, work, etc, and someone has the same ringtone as you.

When the water on my leaky Bulgarian faucet would drip in sync with the seconds of the clock

Showing up to a restaurant or event at the same exact time as the people you are meeting up with

Having the peanut butter and jelly running out at the same time

Pulling into a parking space as a song ends

Top five albums that I can hear any point in any song and pick up the lyrics, and air instruments, immediately without missing a beat

Beck – Mellow Gold

Raffi – In Concert

Allman Bros Band – 2nd Set

Grateful Dead – Workingman’s Dead

Beastie Boys – License to Ill



Top five food items I have changed my opinion about later in life**

Bulgar wheat / tabouleh

Anything with mint and chocolate combo


Rye bread

Swiss cheese

**I wonder if my opinion has changed because my tastes change, or I am just willing to accept that I don’t have to give everything the old college try, and it’s possible to not like something without seeming uptitght.

***Shrimp is the only item on this list where my opinion went from negative to positive.

Top five favorite memes







Thanks for reading this, everyone!!!


Rock on!!


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