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Albums at Thrify’s

Not too long ago, I was at Thirfty’s, a second hand store in Manchester, NH. I was perusing the record section and came across more than a few HIGH-larious covers from the ’70’s. I whipped out the iPhone camera and took pictures of the best of the best in order to share them with you accompanied with witty comments.  Enjoy.

Brothers Johnson


While the delivery method is the same, there is no mistaking the Batman signal and the Brothers Johnson signal.

The Seekers

Ok, we have the Teddy Prendergrast 8-track, and everyone has a set of keys, but did anyone grab those two bowls earmarked for mixing up said sets of keys?



“Alright guys, great photo shoot. Let’s shirt it up and head to the studio!” said the band’s soon-to-be-fired manager.

Jim Capaldi

It’s a shame Capaldi’s down home, working man’s image and sound didn’t resonate with listeners as much as expected.


Ok, I like the Great Gatsby era car on acid being driven by an enormous set of hands which aren’t touching the wheel. I like the  fact that its set in the middle of a medieval forest. What would really tie the scene together is a skunk just hanging on the side of the road.

Adlo Nova


And last but not least we have good ol’ Aldo.  What can be said about him that you haven’t already thought?  Here’s a link to the title track off of “Twitch.”  Are you brave enough to check it out?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6tOM0Xb2XY


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