Monday Song #34

I found this video after searching for the Rufus Thomas song “Do The Funky Penguin, Part 1” which is THE funkiest thing I have ever heard. There was no sign of it on YouTube, but I came across this gem and figured it would provide the funk fix I was looking for.


5 Favorite Ted Talks

I’m sure most of you have seen most of these talks, and if you’re not familiar with the series, check out There are thousands of 15-20 minute talks from great speakers / thinkers ranging in topics from string theory to business to comedy. Here are my five favorite, in no particular order. Feel free to share your favorite in the comments section.

Reggie Watts Disorients You In The Most Entertaining Way
The beginning of this talk might seem a little confusing, but stick with it. For those who haven’t heard of Reggie Watts before, look him up on youtube! He is at times hilarious and at times mesmerizing.

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity
I’m sure many if you have seen this (it is the most viewed Ted Talk), but the teacher in me just HAS to love this and agree with everything Sir Ken says. The thing I find most vexing is how do we implement what he is proposing (because he is right) in the broken and polarized world of education. In a utopian society where no one had to worry about teacher accountability, parental involvement, or budgetary constraints and misuse, what Robinson talks about would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, we do not live in a utopian society.

Mark Bittman: What’s Wrong With What We Eat
I love how Bittman really supports local, all natural food without being dismissive of food that is not. All proponents of natural and organic food, and those who label the way they eat (vegan, piscatarian, “local-vore”) need to watch this talk and learn a thing or two. Everyone who is angered by people who label the way they eat need to learn a thing or two from this talk too.

Dan Buettner: How To Live To Be 100+
This talk is so interesting and inspiring. Buettner GIVES us the blueprint to a long and healthy life. I try all the time to at least some of the things the people do in the featured areas. Let me tell ya, it is HARD, even though it sounds so easy.

and last but certainly not least…..

Malcolm Gladwell: The Strange Tale of the Norden Bombsight
Gutsy. This talk was much-anticipated after Gladwell’s first talk, which was about how one of the spaghetti sauce companies was innovative in the way they developed flavors and gathered feedback about their product. This talk covered a little deeper topic. Trying to explain or add my two cents to this talk is pointless, just strap yourself in. IF YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO WATCH ONE OF THESE TALKS, MAKE SURE IT’S THIS ONE.

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Keep on rockin’ in the free world, everyone!

Monday Song #33

This is a training video made by Wendy’s in the early ’90’s. After watching this video you will know all you need to know to serve hot beverages at this particular fast food chain. If you take the time to also watch “Cold Drinks,” and “Chili’s Always Served with Cheese,” before your interview, you’ll improve your chances of getting a gig. Good luck.

Monday Song #30

The other day, while thinking of nothing in particular, I remembered that I missed a soundtrack during “Soundtracks That I Bought” month. During my angst ridden teenage years, I bought the Judgement Night soundtrack because of it’s awesomeness. It’s fusion of two very different genres into one soul-completing opus was clearly forgettable….until now. I swear there was a video for the song by Helmet and House of Pain, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so Onyx and Biohazard is going to have to do. After some thought, I’m pretty sure I never saw this movie, but I am sure I rocked out to this alone in my room instead of doing homework quite often. Sorry, I just have to do this: